Early Childhood Center

City of St. Charles School District | St. Charles, Missouri

Understanding that early childhood students demand a different type of learning environment than their elementary school peers, the City of St. Charles School District established criteria for their new facility that was based on sensory learning, movement, imagination, and nature. The new 49,230 square foot facility responds to these requirements through the development of specialty instructional areas that accommodate both typically developing and special needs students ranging in age from 3 to 5 years old. In order to cover the full spectrum of early childhood development three classrooms were specifically designed to accommodate infants 6-months and older. 

Unique instructional areas to the St. Charles ECC include a children’s library, a gross motor room that is themed around the community’s historical downtown area, a specialized art and music classroom, and a culinary arts classroom where students can receive interactive instruction in food preparation. All classrooms include access to a dedicated student restroom / changing area, a storage room for supplies and large-sized classroom manipulatives, and a combined workspace for both the primary instructor and a supporting paraprofessional educator.

Constructed in 2018 at a cost of $12,920,000, the facility recently received the Outstanding Design Award in the Pre-K / Early Childhood category from American School and University (ASU) magazine.