Geneseo First United Methodist Church

Geneseo, Illinois

Geneseo First United Methodist Church asked BLDD to develop a master plan for its downtown location, which is adjacent to a residential area and the City Center. This challenging site included multiple city blocks and required building additions and renovations.  In order to accomplish these goals, a phased master plan was created.  This plan supports growth in all church ministry areas including:  worship, gathering and christian education space for all age groups.  

  • Gathering space
  • Information center
  • Cafe
  • Kitchen
  • Portico
  • Multi-purpose sanctuary
The Challenge

How do we double the size of the church with a limited plot of land while creating a seamless connection between the old and the new, with flexibility for future growth? 

The Solution

Developed a master plan that included closing the street, connected the church lot to an adjacent lot, built the new church over existing road way; allowing for expansion and flexbility.

Asymmetric layout and playful ceiling fixtures add a vibrancy to students' usually-repetitive flow between classes.

​Three-dimensional wooden facade and ample window lighting assist in breathing natural life into the space, which has been proven to enhance performance within learning environments.
Wide hallways with integrated accessibility ramps provide continuous, unimpeded stress-reducing traffic flow.