City High School

Iowa City Community SD | Iowa City, Iowa

Following successful community engagement resulting in a $200 million bond referendum, Iowa City is poised to update City High School with an addition and renovation. The project includes a new gymnasium that will have two floors, seating up to 2,000 at athletic events on all four sides. Fans will pass through a new plaza area on their way to the gym entrance.

Locker rooms will be built between the lower commons and the gym and solve the problem of overcrowding that happened anytime athletic practices overlapped. The north wall of the upper commons will become a showcase space for the achievements of a wide variety of students, not just athletes.

The upper and lower commons will function as the new cafeteria  and will have a variety of seating options, which will include an outside eating area leading up to the entrance of the new competition gym. The cafe-style seating will allow students to sit alone or in a group. The new space will prevent students from having to cram into the library, which was the only spot for studying and socializing.

  • Competition Gymnasium
  • Expanded Areas for Dining and Studying
  • Mechanical System Upgrades
  • Accessibility Upgrades
  • Locker Room Renovations
  • Expanded Athletic Spaces
The Challenge

The district sought updates to improve the student experience and invest in the future of education.

The Solution

The renovations expanded the district’s wellness and athletics facilities, reinvented the student lunch experience, and created future opportunities for additional educational programs.

"All this coming together makes our already historic and beautiful campus just absolutely phenomenal. It's going to be the ideal balance of historic beauty with modern functionality."

- John Bacon, Principal, Iowa City High School

Blending old and new.

The design includes a second dome, which will tie the new addition to the historical look of the original building.

The original aesthetic received a nod from Architectural Digest in 2017, calling it the most beautiful high school in Iowa.