Eureka Elementary School

Rockwood R-VI School District | Eureka, Missouri

Despite challenges such as rocky terrain and limited usable acreage, the district proceeded, with the new school designed to replace an aging building, which would be repurposed for early childhood education and storage.

An outstanding feature of the project was the innovative design approach, configuring the school into grade-level ‘pods’ and integrating a storm shelter despite not being initially required by building codes. This forward-thinking addition showcased the district’s commitment to safety and community welfare. Consultants and partners like FSG, Clayton Engineering, and Alper Audi Incorporated played key roles in ensuring the project’s success.

Following completion, the community responded positively to the new school, which seamlessly integrated into the existing neighborhood while providing modern amenities for students. The project’s impact on the district and community was substantial, addressing long-standing infrastructure needs and demonstrating a proactive approach to educational facility design. Feedback from the district was overwhelmingly positive, highlighting the success of the project in meeting the evolving needs of Rockwood Elementary and its surrounding community.

  • Secured entry
  • Grade level "pods"
  • Extended Learning Center