Eureka High School

Rockwood R-VI School District | Eureka, Missouri

Despite facing significant obstacles, including a flood-prone location and limitations on modifying existing structures, the district persevered, eventually resulting in a groundbreaking new building addition that redefined the school’s entrance and functionality. 

Perhaps the most striking aspect of the project was the innovative solutions devised to overcome obstacles. Unexpected challenges, such as building atop a Core of Engineers’ creek, not only delayed the project but also added costs. However, in the long run, these challenges led to the creation of an exceptional new front entrance, breathing fresh life into the campus. The renovation also included thoughtful modifications to the original 1960s structure, maximizing functionality while preserving historical elements.

Close collaboration between the district and the community helped mitigate concerns, with proactive measures taken to address issues such as construction traffic and stormwater runoff. Ultimately, the project’s impact on the district and community was profound, addressing long-standing flooding issues, elevating the school’s STEM program to new heights, and creating a state-of-the-art learning environment that stands as a crown jewel among the district’s high schools.

  • School Spirit Store
  • High Bay Physics Lab
  • Welcome Center
  • Secured outdoor patio