Jacksonville Middle School

Jacksonville SD #117 | Jacksonville, Illinois
<h2>Jacksonville Middle School</h2>

Faced with outdated and inflexible learning environments, unused spaces, chaotic drop off and pick up, and no central gathering area, doing nothing was not an option for the Jacksonville School District. Not only is the junior high experience a pivotal time in a child’s life, but of all the district facilities, the junior high was positioned to serve every student in the district.

  • Safety Features
  • Hands On Labs
  • Maker Spaces
  • Small Group Rooms
  • Teacher Planning Areas
  • Community Spaces
  • Flexible Learning Environments
  • Award of Merit, Exhibition of Educational Environments: IASB/IASA/IASBO 2018 Conference
The Challenge

How does the school district transform outdated and inflexible learning environments, unused spaces, chaotic drop-offs and pick-ups, and no central gathering area into an adaptable facility that supports 21st-century education and student development? 

The Solution

Additions and renovations were designed to maximize flexible and adaptive spaces, create clear and comfortable circulation paths, separate bus and parent traffic, and be a center for the community.

By enabling multiple learning styles, dynamic teaching methods, social development, and student wellness in a safe and comfortable environment, the forward-thinking design supports the district in preparing students for their future lives in the ​local and global community.
From Chaos to Order
Transforming Educational Spaces

The site underwent a major shift in vehicle and pedestrian traffic patterns to increase safety and security. Entrances to the 14-acre site were moved. Parent drop-off areas are now separated from bus traffic, and access to the main entrance is clear and visible. ​

The facility was designed to be a center for the community and can be used for extended periods during the day and the year. The solution was designed to maximize flexible and adaptive spaces and to welcome the community with a clear entry space. The community commons, at the heart of the building, opens into the auditorium for local theater groups and can be separated from the academic wings as desired. A new gymnasium addition with adjacent fitness center and health lab is easily accessible to the public.