Mississippi Valley Surgery Center

Davenport, Iowa

The Mississippi Valley Surgery Center in Davenport, IA, has undergone a transformative expansion and modernization. This ambitious project added 15,566 square feet of new space and meticulously renovated 9,482 square feet of the existing facility. The updates have significantly enhanced the center's ability to provide exceptional patient care.

A cornerstone of the modernization is the new recovery center, featuring 10 spacious overnight recovery rooms, three state-of-the-art operating rooms, and six post-anesthesia care unit (PACU) bays. The addition also includes nurses' stations, offices, and support areas, all designed with the utmost attention to detail and functionality.

The renovation of the existing space has created 21 expansive pre-op/post-op rooms, a centralized processing department, nurses' stations, offices, and support areas. Every aspect of the updates prioritizes efficiency, comfort, and the delivery of world-class medical services.

The Mississippi Valley Surgery Center's investment in this extensive modernization underscores its unwavering commitment to providing patients with the most advanced surgical care in a comfortable and supportive environment.

  • Addition and renovation to modernize space
  • New Recovery Center
  • Three operating rooms
  • Six PACU bays
  • 21 Pre-Op and post-op rooms
  • Nurses station
  • Offices and support spaces
  • Central processing
Prototyping spaces to reduce costs.

Cardboard mock-up of the new recovery rooms were used to work through the room size, layout, power/gas/equipment locations

The prototyping led to an improved final design and reduced costs due to minimizing post-construction revisions.