Carden Park Elementary School

St. Joseph School District | St. Joseph, Missouri

The building was designed to replace several small, aging elementary schools with one larger facility that accommodates small learning communities and future education changes through its unique modular design.

  • Three, 200 student learning communities
  • One hybrid, Early Childhood and Special Education learning community
  • Each learning community subdivides into two-100 student neighborhoods, with the four total neighborhoods sharing a common-size module.​
Redesigning the traditional. Maximizing the potential. Encouraging the kinetic.
In a world of pure re-imagination.

The need for this building to accommodate large populations and to headquarter the district’s whole child services required an extremely efficient building. Traditional school spaces such as the library, cafeteria, stage, and lobby, had to be re-imagined to maximize their potential. This challenge was met by arranging three of the small learning community modules, as well as a unique module housing Kindergarten and emotional, physical, and behavior development programs connect to each other through a large two story flex studio.

Modular and accomodating, Carden Park is designed to adjust as the district expands, ensuring the quality of its future use.
Details that make a difference.

Asymmetric layout and playful ceiling fixtures add a vibrancy to students' usually-repetitive flow between classes. ​

The use of vibrant color-coating throughout the space creates an imaginative environment, and viscerally aides students as a way-finding tool.​

Wide hallways with integrated accessibility ramps provide continuous, unimpeded stress-reducing traffic flow.