Springfield High

Springfield PSD #186 | Springfield, Illinois

With a building of over 175 years old, Springfield PSD was looking for renovations to bring existing conditions back to its original state of the art facility standards. As the twentieth Century marched forward, Springfield founded and built additional high schools to meet the demands of a growing city. Each generation found its way back to the halls of Lewis and Monroe, and as time passed, the facility reflected its history and maintained its luster, despite its apparent age. Current generations still love the idea and the place, despite the challenges of housing a modern, robust curriculum in a facility designed for another time. With this reimagination of Springfield High School for this century, we strive to marry the memories and charming architecture of 1917 with the demanding modern school that thrives within its walls.

The re-invigoration of Springfield High requires weaving the commanding history of brick and limestone with the nimble programs of modernity. This warp and weft of tradition and advance for the basis of our design.  The design incorporates this weaving of new and classic by adhering to 4 basic prompts:
Restoring Texture
Connecting Community
Opening views
Crossing time