Student Success Center

Richland Community College, Decatur, Illinois

 The Center features office spaces for the various departments that surround the large open floorplan for student success services. Due to the expansive new layout, wayfinding through environmental graphics became an important element of the design.

  • 11,950 s.f. Addition
  • 11,200 s.f. Renovation
  • Department Offices
  • Wayfinding Graphics
  • Board and Conference Rooms
  • Integrated Technology
  • Program Support Space
  • ​Flexible Furnishings
The Challenge

As the Richland Community College student body grew, so did the college’s need for services to support the varying stages of enrollment, student success and records. Over time, these service areas were placed in any open office space that was available, causing considerable frustration from potential and current students trying to find their needed services in RCC’s sprawling campus.

The Solution

​To solve this challenge, the Student Success Center was created to build a centrally located home for registration, advising, TRIO, financial aid, testing and career services on the campus.