Covenant Living of Northbrook: Brandel Care Center

Northbrook, Illinois

In order to create an updated and more private recovery environment for short-term stay patients, Covenant Living of Northbrook undertook the delicate task of separating long-term resident living spaces from short-term patient areas.

The short-term stay dining room was remodeled to reflect a more hospitality-like atmosphere and the physical therapy gym was expanded. Also, to ensure long-term care residents feel “at home,” their dining/activities room were renovated to include more intimate, residential aesthetics, and a new central family room space was created by capturing former office and clean linen rooms and opening them up to the corridor. 

  • Remodeled Physical Therapy Gym
  • Remodeled Short-Term Stay Dining Room
  • Central Family Room Addition
  • Personal touches make the family room feel warm, familiar and comfortable
  • Accessories like old yearbooks and coffee table picture books so residents can reminisce
The Challenge

Needed to transform tight institutional spaces to create comfortable residential areas. 

The Solution

Utilized existing corridor as informal socialization area. 

"Scott, you and your team certainly improved the CLON Campus over the years and I'm grateful to have worked with you. I think your success is directly linked to your ability to really listen to the needs of clients. Thanks again for making Northbrook a wonderful place for seniors to live!"
- Neil Warnygora, Retired Executive Director, CLON