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Architectural Interns Added to BLDD Team

We are growing with additional architectural interns hired for 2022. Our new, rock star team members will help us continue to serve clients and our communities. Cheers to more GOOD VIBES in 2022!

Welcome to the BLDD family!

Ryan Ayres: Ryan began at BLDD on a one-year internship and has returned full-time in the Chicago office. He recently graduated with his Master of Architecture from Judson University. Ryan enjoys the design aspect of architecture and learning the many details of building systems and construction. Outside of work, Ryan likes watching any of the Chicago sports teams, water coloring, photographing different cities, or hanging out with family and friends.



Shawn Bandel: From the age of five, Shawn eagerly told classmates and teachers that he wanted to be an architect. He joins BLDD as an Architectural Intern after recently graduating from Judson University with a Bachelor of Arts in Architecture. Shawn enjoys listening to lectures, reading (poetry, religious text, historical non-fiction, and biographies), running, and cooking. Most of his free time is spent getting together with friends and family.


Kerry Brazley: Growing up on Decatur’s historic West End and watching his grandfather work on many projects as an architect in Chicago, Kerry desired to one day improve the infrastructure around him. As an Architectural Intern with BLDD, he hopes to work in the design of educational facilities and to change the ways educational design is approached in the future. Kerry enjoys playing sports, drawing and reading. He loves all things Chicago and avidly follows his favorite team, Notre Dame.


Benjamin Hofstetter: Ben earned a Bachelor of Science in Architecture from the University of Wisconsin. His professional journey began by working in construction. Ben brings the knowledge he gleaned from the field into the office to better understand the specialty each trade applies to projects. Ben and his wife live in historic Washington, IL, in a house built in the 1800s. In his spare time, Ben he enjoys woodworking and metalworking in his small shop, fixing things, and building furniture.


Ryan Pickhardt: Inspired by stories told through their immersive lands, Ryan wanted to be an Imagineer for Disney. As he got older, he realized he is inspired by impacting daily stories by designing good architecture. Ryan graduated from Judson University in 2020 with a Master of Architecture and is working towards his licensure. Ryan enjoys anything creative, whether that be sketching, photography, or architectural competitions. He also loves to explore Chicago and discover new places.


Andrea Saban: Andrea (Andi) Saban joins the BLDD team after completing her joint-degree graduate program at the University of Illinois. Proudly trained in manual drafting and freehand drawing at Illinois Central College, you’ll find Andi sketching to explain and understand her day-to-day work. In her free time, Andi enjoys hiking, traveling the states to visit family and friends, and winning local pub trivia.


Are you interested in joining the BLDD team? We currently have openings available and are searching for rock star talent. If you think that sounds like you, feel free to look at our current positions and send in your resume.

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