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Emerging from the shadows…How to put your School Library in the SPOTLIGHT

To celebrate Read Across America day, we wanted to highlight the current innovative trends that are bringing school libraries and media centers to LIFE. Once a quiet museum for books, school libraries are transforming to support the whole student. You may be wondering, "What are these trends?" "What do they mean for my school?" Look no further, we asked BLDD Principal and K12 Library Design Expert Damien Schlitt, AIA, LEED AP to share his insight.

Damien Schlitt, AIA, LEED AP
Principal & Associate Director of K12 Design

"K12 libraries are no longer a quiet space intended for only the most specific of activities - these spaces now act as the heart of a campus providing space to meet, collaborate, present, and make. Designed to support all forms of learning, the inclusion of private spaces for quiet study, soft seating for lounging or reading, and access to a diverse array of resources, allow library/media centers to act as a hub of student engagement!"

- Damien Schlitt



No longer hidden away, the new gathering library is bright and inviting, multi-use, and open to adjacent spaces. The library and its functions are no longer limited to the footprint of the library.

Before: Tri-Valley High School Library
After: Gathering Library, Tri-Valley High School


Spilling out into adjoining spaces leads to functional overlap which results in a more efficient and lively building. Helping to create a hub of student engagement around the library/media center.




Gathering Library, Tri-Valley High School

Spaces dedicated to social and academic interactions create a heart of student interactive learning. The adjacent collab, social, and academic spaces are accessible to the library, but also support the building and students as a whole. Incorporating academic and social hubs brings once-lifeless library spaces to life by promoting movement and interactions.



Gathering Library, Tri-Valley High School

Technology resource spaces provide equipment and integrated technology to support student exploration and collaboration. Having access to technology resources promotes collaboration between students who may be distance learning and also encourages them to explore a variety of scholarly resources.


Visible and open spaces combined with academic/social hubs and technology resources provide well-rounded student support. These spaces also promote collaboration and student engagement within the building. Are you ready to bring your library to the spotlight?

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