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6 Ways Architects Add Value & Save You Money

Let’s be honest, there’s a reason the phrase “leave it to the pros” exists. Most of us can spot a DIY architecture project from a mile away, but we also know that looks aren’t all that matter. Whether you’re dreaming of a new facility or planning a renovation to your current buildings, hiring an architect can be one of the smartest investments you can make.


Architects specialize in finding creative solutions to your problems. From the initial planning to choosing materials and interior finishes, a professional architect can take your facilities to the next level.

BONUS: a well-designed building is a good investment that often returns a higher resale value.




If you're like most of us in the business world, time is money. Hiring an architect allows you to pass the work to the people who are the most efficient at getting the job done. A professional design team's expertise will help you find efficiencies throughout the project to keep you on time and on budget.


When you hire an architect, you also hire an advocate that will provide counsel throughout the process, helping your team make the smartest decisions and stay within regulations. Your design team will ensure your project secures the proper permits and follows building, safety, and zoning codes.


Licensed architects will help your team with the detail work involved in making your project a reality. They can help you secure proper building permits and ensure your project follows state and local regulations.

Additionally, architects help ensure accuracy throughout the process, providing a checks and balances system among all vendors.


There's more to creating an energy-efficient building than adding LED light bulbs. An architect can help optimize the use of natural light, building orientation, location, room size, and best design practices that allow you to save energy and money.

Interior designers can help you choose window treatments that can also cut down on energy costs.


Architects can also serve as your advocate when working with other professional contractors during the process, such as engineers, landscape designers, or construction companies. The architect coordinates all these parties throughout the process, so you can focus on the outcomes.

Planning a new facility or renovation doesn't have to be hard! Let an architect do the heavy lifting for you. If you're ready to learn more or bring your dream facility to life contact one of our expert architects today!

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