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Crispin Hall: Inspiring Achievement Through Innovative Learning Environments

A reinvented Crispin Hall greeted Illinois College students this fall semester. The $12.6 million renovation transformed Crispin into a 21st-century learning environment, creating new academic programs to attract top students, and refreshing a key part of campus that greets campus visitors and the community on College Avenue.

"The building opened in August 2023, and is now full of students day and night," VP of External Relations, Stephanie Chipman, said. "I love walking through it and seeing students hard at work in small groups collaborating with one another and their faculty."

Crispin Hall sits at the front door of the Illinois College campus in the heart of the city’s historic district. Originally constructed in 1963, 73% of IC students take at least one class in Crispin each academic year. But despite its long-standing presence on campus, the historic building had not undergone significant updates since its inception. In fact, with its peeling paint and cracking tiles, Crispin Hall was no longer shown to prospective students during campus tours.

The renovation of Crispin Hall included expanding lab and classroom areas to accommodate computer science, mathematics, physics, and psychology courses, and the addition of new virtual reality simulation and biopac labs for students to see how the body responds to various events. The redesign also prioritized collaboration areas for students and their faculty mentors. 

What was once an outdated brick building from the 1960s has been transformed into a stunning, top-notch learning facility. The new facade also integrates with the existing buildings on IC's historic quad for the first time ever.

"Illinois College’s renovation of Crispin Hall inspires achievement and empowers students to make a difference in the world daily," Chipman said. "The design supports collaborative, flexible, technology-rich classroom learning that seamlessly flows into labs for hands-on applications."

IC opened Crispin Hall to the community on Sept. 26 for Jacksonville Area Chamber of Commerce's Chamber After Hours.

New lab spaces mean the college also was able to expand upon the majors it offers. For example, the Psychology Department now offers majors in neuroscience, behavioral health, and alcohol and drug counseling.

To attract and keep students, while also inspiring them to be leaders in technology-focused fields, Illinois College had to prioritize collaborative spaces and resources. Crispin Hall now connects students and faculty with the tools and technology they need to prosper now and in the future.

"The space has ignited a new energy for both current and prospective students. I love witnessing those moments when the building’s design supports students and faculty as they unlock teaching and learning," Chipman said. 

Illinois College is thrilled to open their doors to more conferences, meetings, and events, and can't wait to share their excitement with the surrounding community!


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